Like the rays of the sun promise a bright new beginning, Suryan is a construction brand that has gone beyond the mundane concrete building to evolve as technology, innovation, and design-driven company.

Committed to premium quality at every process level, Suryan is a new beginning in the lifestyle living and workspaces of Gujarat. Suryan spaces are a promise of the best designs, user-friendly, and a deep-rooted environment-friendly policy. Furthermore, taking immense pride in Gujarat’s pivotal role as a growth engine in the development of India, Suryan also pledges its ‘part’ to continue Gujarat’s growth story by enhancing the state's architectural outline as well as changing the face of its infrastructure.

Message from Management

To enhance and build value-based relations with all business associates maintaining honesty, quality, objectives, and transparency.

We assure to bring you unique & innovative architectural work and objectives is environment friendly too.

Why Suryan?

We are dealing in constructions that are more based on technology, design, innovation than more concretes. We believe every structure designed by us mirrors our values therefore we avoid compromising on any part connecting our business.

Our smart and sensitive constructions suit to nature as we are driven by our philosophy as being Eco-friendly is yet another way to define what we believe. We offer one of its kind residential and commercial buildings including bungalows, tenements, flats, shopping centers, commercial offices, schools, colleges, and hospitals. At Suryan, we are committed to our people, society, government, and environment all together therefore our every structure is crafted with superior architectural designs, materials, and craftsmanship, and safety measures.


Eco-consciousness is a value that has progressed into policy at Suryan. A value that is reflected in every project of ours and a policy that is witnessed as soon as one approaches any of the Suryan project premises. While rows of trees and plantations line the pathways within and outside the property boundaries, eco-friendly processes are part of almost every building feature.

Furthermore, at Suryan, our blueprints, materials, techniques,
and amenities focus on ways to save and protect the environment

Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR At Site

At Suryan, we endeavor to do our best in addressing the health, economic and educational needs of the underprivileged. We begin our activities by taking care of the labor community which plays a crucial role in our success by providing free education and free medical camps at regular intervals at all construction sites. By building labor residential colonies, we also ensure that every labor family has a roof over their head.