Sutariya Developers

One of the trusted and an ethical name of the diamond industry, Mumbai-based Surya Gems, has now ventured into the development of agricultural land and construction in Gujarat. The new venture, incorporated as Sutariya Developers, will not only carry the name of this highly respected promoter family of the diamond fraternity but will also uphold its philosophy of maintaining honesty, quality, objectives and business transparency to nurture value-based relationships.

Encouraged by Gujarat government's high development policies, Sutariya has identified the vast potential of Gujarat's golden development opportunities. Well on its progress path, it plans to cash in on the winning combination of the state’s low per sq ft construction rates alongside high growth rates when compared to other mega/metros cities of India. And, the first step in its progress path will be to tap the bright future of one of the fastest growing cities of the world, Ahmadabad by investing in open land for agriculture, industries and construction.

Sutariya Developer Project's

Suryan Monolith - Overview

Monolith noun   |  ma-na-lith  |

•A single great stone often in the form of an obelisk or column.
• A massive structure.
• An organized whole that acts as a single unified powerful or influential force  (Merriam webster’s dictionary).

“Pure business"

• largest frontage on s.g.highway, 400 ft. above
• 14 ft. height  for ground floor shops
• seismic resistant building design
• spacious 3 elevators for comfort
• separate entrances for offices & shops
• beautiful lounge area in reception
• The modern building facade designed for protection against heat and reducing AC loads.
• 24 hour high alert security
• Green building features


Monolith in focus

Located on S. G. Highway, the rapidly developing  business center of the city. the monolith overpower a large section of the highway leaving an enduring mark on the city.
Revealing Ahmadabad's new one of a kind retail and corporate hub, containing shops and offices wrapped  and revealed in a new skin.